Nectarize was created to replace PDFs, but sometimes a hard copy is needed.

Maybe you want to print it out and drop it on the desk of a more traditionally minded colleague. Or maybe you want to attach it to an email to cover all bases.

Whatever the requirement, it's easy to generate a PDF version of your Page.




  • The front page of the PDF uses the header, logo and background image of your Page.



  • Each individual piece of content gets its own slide, with active links where possible (e.g. online coverage) or links to the relevant part of your Nectarize page (e.g. video).



  • Sections also use your Page's styling



There are three ways of generating a PDF.


1. Via the Control Panel

Simply go to the Pages tab, then click on the 'Share' icon next to your page.



This will bring up the Share modal:



2. Via the Toolbar in the Page Builder



3. Via the public Page Viewer

i) Go to the public view of the page and click the Menu icon.



ii) Then click 'Download Report in PDF format'



You'll see a progress icon which will let you know when the process is complete. 

Tip: The larger the report, the longe the process is likely to take!