The Online Coverage with Metrics Widget lets you quickly and easily add live snapshots of articles from around the web.



The widget scrolls through each piece, displaying:

  • The publication
  • The headline
  • An excerpt
  • An image



Coverage is also augmented with a raft of automated metrics to demonstrate success:



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Adding Articles

The first step is to add your coverage URLs to the widget.

1. Drag and drop an Online Coverage with Metrics widget onto the page

Then click the blue button.


2. Add a Title and Description if desired

Then click 'Add Coverage'.



Tip: Move the slider to change scroll speed

Tip: Switch off metrics if required

3. Paste URLs

Copy and paste from web pages, a spreadsheet or any other source.

Tip: Put each URL on a separate line as shown below



Changing Content

Good news: you can change every aspect of the article, and add captions too.


Control the Article Image

Edit your Online Coverage widget, then find the relevant Article and roll over it.

Then click on 'Image':



You can select from a range of images pulled from the article, or upload your own:


Change the Headline and Text

Select 'Text' from the Actions menu.



Enter your own headline and body text to see it automatically appear in the preview, and click 'Save'.

Optional: Add captions to your articles

You can also add captions to each individual article, for example your own commentary, a great quote from the article, or some key stats.

To add a caption, click the '+ caption' button or select 'Caption' from the Actions menu.



You can also change the title from 'Caption' to something more appropriate such as Key Quote, Comment or Stats.



Finally, click the 'Save' button.

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